There is always something worth chasing!!

  Being at a younger age we always felt to grow up very fast so that we can enjoy the freedom of not being into the bondage of going to school wearing the uniform. Some had an eye over the liberty to wear the informals, to have a cup of coffee in the canteen with our friends. Those who did not like to be in any kind of bondage of studies, somewhere in the corner of their heart they must have felt to grow so fast and join a job and enjoy their life. Lesser did they know that the student life they were going through was the best time of their life. Each phase of life has a different essence altogether. Growing older one has to look after a job, their family, career growth, health and the list goes on. The battle between the heart and mind goes on whether to enjoy life by spending some for fun or by saving for the future of the family. The stress or sometimes depression or anxiety that gets created has a negative impact on one’s health. Lack of exercise leading to  cardiac  issues or  joi

Sports and importance of fitness!!

There would be very less amount of people who don't like sports. It gives one the required fitness, it can be a dream one would be chasing, it can be a hobby one may be pursuing.  All kinds of sports require fitness. Without fitness one may not be able to achieve the target they have aimed to. Plus sports like football, volleyball, tennis, skiing and more where there are sudden stopping or sudden movement involved there is a high risk of injuring the muscles, ligaments and tendons.  One such injury is Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) tear injury. It is the main ligament which connects the thigh bone (femur) to the shinbone (tibia). Due to this breakage one may constantly feel severe pain, inability to perform daily tasks, swelling, etc. It is important to get such tears treated immediately as it is the complex and an important joint which bears the body weight. The treatment done for this kind of tear is ACL reconstruction . Once the surgery is performed followed by some physiother

A drop of water will fill the ocean!!

Last 2 years has shown us what man made inventions has done to themselves and to the nature. Though it has also given the comfort and care which was needed in the evolving times but some things come with a price. The rising temperatures, green house gases, climate changes and the list goes on. All these has shifted the air quality of various parts of the country from being good to bad in just few decades. Though some days its good some days its bad.  With increase in air pollution due to emissions from various sources the air has not been of the quality to breath in, leading to various kinds of allergies, infections, diseases. Smoking, working in hazardous gases environment, chemicals, asbestos can also be the reason for lung diseases or sometimes even Lung Cancer.   On large scale we cannot control the major shifts happening but if we switch to using the resources more efficiently then there can be a scope of improvement. Well, we all know every drop counts.

An Introduction..

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